My name is Abe but everyone knows me like The Fox, I'm a Mexican Designer and Illustrator.


I’m Abe when I was a kid all the time you could see me drawing something in any place, from a book, to a wall or my arms, and that’s probably the reason I have all this tattoos, (I’m not addict, I see myself this way since I’m 10). I love art in all different ways, painting, illustration, architecture, photography, music, etc. So probably you will see a lot of that here.

I work like a Art Director in advertising companies and also like freelance artist from a tattoo design, illustrations, web design, to tv commercials, corporate branding, etc. My new passion is running so you will see a lot of this here, not in a boring way I hope so.

I hope you like my work and if you want to hire me for a job go to the contact and… contact me!!!