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Why all OCR races should have GIF for finisher photos?

A few years ago some people start putting pictures of them running on mud and his friends start asking, “What is Jeff doing?”. That was the beginning of OCR in social media.

The races give you photos of you running through obstacles, mud, water and fire so you can put them in for Facebook or Instagram and use it like free advertise for the brand, and it works. Millions of runners use those pictures at the level you’ll see your timeline full of that pictures in a normal monday.


But after a few year the people is using less and less those pictures and buying his own cameras and taking them into the race to take his own pictures with no brand. OCR is the number one growing sport right now and those runner already are tired of the same pictures in the same spots race after race so we need a change and that’s why bust photos and gif are the best option:

1.- Because is way more cool that just a picture.


2.- You already have like 1000 pictures of you just passing the finish line.


3.- Facebook now accept gif.


4.- You can see the progress of that funny face you did passing that obstacle.


5.- Is like a small movie you can watch over and over and over… again.


6.- People in your timeline will love to see something new.


So if you think you must have yours post this on your favourite OCR FB profile asking them for something you because me new more that just one picture.


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