My name is Abe but everyone knows me like The Fox, I'm a Mexican Designer and Illustrator.

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The secret life of the Starbucks Siren #2

I don’t like to repeat myself so I wasn’t thinking in do a second time in this cups but after I made the cups couple of my friends and people that love the cups tell you should do one of doing this, or this, so I decide to make just one more collection of this cups to close the year and start with new projects.

Because like a I say I don’t like to repeat myself now you’ll see that they look different I hope you like it, and all comments are always welcome, please let me know what you think about it so I can improve my work and make something better for all.

Jedi Medusa Skull

Gimnastic Gym Jedi Karate KID Medusa Santa Skie Skull Soccer Sumo WOnder WOman Yoga


  • Arthur says:

    Great work!

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