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Review Spartan Race Juchitepec Mexico

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After long months waiting, and a few weeks with no information, Spartan Mexico back to the social networks with the announce that we are having a Spartan Sprint in Juchitepec, I bet some of you run to google maps to know, where is Juchitepec?, once I knew where Juchitepec was I get back to the post and my smile goes bigger and bigger.

The first year of Spartan in Mexico was all happiness, mud and obstacles for all, races reach 12,000 runners in just one weekend just fill yourself on mud, the second year the excitement goes down, a lot of people already have his trifecta and they think they don’t need to do that again, some problems with logistic, obstacles and changes in the race calendar create displeasure in the Spartan community in Mexico and they make it notice not going to the races and now you’ll find wends with only 2000 runners.

Drastic measures were taken and people from HQ came to Mexico to fix the problem and bright all the glory from the first year, they change the personal in charge of Spartan Mexico giving now the opportunity to Emoción Deportiva to show what they are capable to do, they still have one big problem because the bad comments in social networks were a thing of every day.


That way las weekend in Juchitepec Spartan came back to Mexico, I have the chance to be the day before the race in the venue and all looks perfect and ready for the race, with a new race director Jonathan Cirilo, some will see him young but compensates with all the energy and knowledge for the roll.

Saturday came and 6:15 I was in the parking lot saying hi to my friends that I don’t see for a while Chikorita y Moitz, Angel Quintero, Fer Casanova, Chriz Scherf and all my training team “Sabage Traning” the best guys I’ve meet in long time.

The are open and the people find a new format in the entry, all was different it looks more like USA and global races, now you can see the changes from the beginning and this changes was a good change everything was moving faster even the venue looks more like the one you find in SoCal or Vegas.

The clock says 7:20 and the Elite runners start get in line in the start line, Jonathan give the instructions about the obstacles and burpees making really clear that volunteers and marshall will be checking burpees form if you don’t do the right form you’ll be DQ, final words and 8:00 the 2015 Spartan Race Mexico start.


You can see the speed in the first group we start running at 3:20 the first kilometre, after that my body told me is no way you do this the full race because just 7 days ago I ran Ragnar Ultra Zion where my team came 1st place in a rad race (here you can read the Painted Warrior review) and running a Ultra leave your body with some repercussion, then I decided to slow down and keep myself only in the top 10.

Obstacle start to show, walls of 6 feet and the already know up, down and through and the leaders start taking a little of distance from the second group, we get to a highway where you find a tunnel to cross to the other side, after a few minutes crossing the tunnel we realized that we are out of the route for that moment close to 30 runners we start running back to get track of the race again (later that day somebody told me that the volunteers that have to be there leave his spot anda create the  full problem).

Close to 30 runner we get lost and top 10 was not longer a option probably top 80 right now, so once again I have to run faster to win a few places, we get to the rope climbing in the middle of the wood, the rope was a little thin but not big problem, then another tunnel to came back at the side of the road where the race start, a couple of 10 feet walls and the first surprise for the mexicans, the Multi Rig, because unless you have run in the last few months in USA this will be the first time for you trying this obstacle.


The Multi Rig is a real pain in the ass even for the Elite guys in USA, because you need upper body strength that a lot of runner never train and of course good technique, this time was not to tall like in USA so for a person like me of 6’4” have to work with upper and leg strength to not touch the ground, because the rule here is that you can touch the ground whit your finger toes, but if you do it with the sole of your shoes is burpees time, and one mistake make me do my first 30.

The race continuous with more obstacles like the tractor, more walls of all kind, cargo net, sand bag carry, tires, 30 mandatory burpees, Z walls, spear, slippery wall and barb wire this time more muddy that ever and for the last the fire jump.


The race was hard over 4 milles and more that 20 obstacles take all of the elite and open waves, in a race that is now very close to the USA races, with heavy weights and a hardest course Mexico have see, the only thing you can expect for the rest of the year is hardest and better races, and now that the medal have part of the trifecta if you want to complete it be ready for biggest challenges from the team of Spartan Race Mexico.

Emoción Deportiva make a great job bringing back to life this race, all I can say is thank you to the team that make this race possible and to each one of the runners that believe that Spartan Race was back for good.


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